GRIN2B Foundation is a parent-run organization dedicated to furthering research on the GRIN2B gene and providing support and education to the small, but growing community of individuals and families impacted by a GRIN2B diagnosis.

Our objectives are to:

  • FOSTER communication, offer encouragement and provide resources to families via our website and social media pages.
  • PARTNER with researchers through fundraising and grants to develop potential treatments and gain a better understanding of a GRIN2B diagnosis.
  • BUILD & MAINTAIN an international patient registry program.
  • RAISE the profile of this extremely rare diagnosis through the creation of a public awareness campaign.


President, Liz Marfia-Ash
Vice President, Donna Dunn
Secretary, Carole Suchocki Quennessen
Treasurer, Phil Ash
Medical Outreach Coordinator, Charlotte Johnson
Board Member, Brittaney Crider