• June 2017:

Family groups play key role in advancing Autism research

Spectrum, a website that provides comprehensive news and analysis of Autism research, published an article discussing how several single gene family support groups have turned into Foundations and the impact this is having on further research.  GRIN2B was one of several family groups mentioned.

  • June 2017:

We celebrated our first “Bee Happy Day” on June 12, 2017

Mom, Christina Dyck, of Oxbow, Saskatchewan came up with the idea for this wonderful day to celebrate her daughter’s GRIN2B deletion and all the kids with a GRIN2B diagnosis.  The date was chosen to coincide with Rare Chromosome Disorder Week.  We plan to make this day a yearly occurrence!  Read here to learn more about how the event was embraced in Christina’s community.


  • November 2016:

The Emory Health Sciences Research Blog.

Check out the latest blog from the Researchers studying GRIN2B at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


  • August 2016:

Clinical trials are in our future!

An excerpt of an email from Dr. Steven Traynelis, Researcher at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia:
“In addition, we were just awarded a Resource Center Grant from NIH to perform functional analysis of GRIN mutations on a national level.  We are also initiating a clinical trial for FDA approved off target NMDA blockers (memantine, ketamine, dextromethorphan) for GRIN mutations in collaboration with Harvard, Penn, and Colorado.  We hope to obtain quantifiable data for multiple mutations on whether these treatments work.”